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Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

For BRA Day 2022 Luan Lawrenson-Woods talked to Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon,
Dr Joe Dusseldorp (FRACS), about reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Luan and Dr Joe talk about:

  • What reconstructive plastic surgeons and breast surgeons do

  • What a breast reconstruction involves

  • 3 main types of mastectomy

  • Various options available to women considering breast reconstruction

  • Reasons women might choose different options

  • The discussions women are encouraged to have with their specialist team


Below you can watch the interview, listen to the Rewritten Me podcast audio or read a transcript of the interview.

This website provides general information only. It is not a substitute for advice from a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and does not contain all the known facts about reconstruction options or every possible side effect of surgery. For personalised medical advice you should seek a consultation with a FRACS-qualified Specialist Surgeon. It's important that you speak to your surgeon and ask them to explain the benefits, risks and limitations of treatment, or anything else relating to your surgery,. 

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